I am extremely happy & excited to lose 9 kg of weight within one week of my Weight-loss Surgery in bhopal by Dr. Rajesh Kanungo.
For last so many i am living with this excess a extremene weight of 118 kg plus & with metabolic disease like diabetics & high blood pressure. I came to about Dr. Rajesh Kanungo through google search & consulted him for Weight Loss Surgery. My special gratitude to Dr. Rajesh Kanungo for conducting meticulous Bariatric Surgery with his team & giving me a very special & personal care in each step pre & post surgery.
Allah given him great strength to continue his good work to humanity.

Abdul, 37 Years Bhopal

Thanks to Dr. Rajesh Kanungofor doing flawless Weight Loss Surgery in bhopal, within one year post weight loss surgery, i have reduced my weight from 126 kg to less than 90 kg. I could never imagine to live my life like a normal person. I am very happy. thank you so much once again.

Salma Khan, 32 Years Bhopal

Dear Dr. Rajesh Kanungo Thank you so much for all the meticulous work you have done on my reconstruction. Feel like a "new" person. I am fortunate & blessed to have a surgeon like you! I can look in the mirror now & see your superb work! With gratitude. You hve made me so happy with my new look -I'm really very Thankful for tremendous change in me . Without you it wouldn't be possible. Now I'll try my best to maintain it as long as I can. Thank you so much once again.

Mahendra Singh, 42 Years Itarsi

How wonderful it was to see you yesterday! It gave me a real shot of motivation to keep up the work you began. I would love to be part of any support or information groups you organize for bariatric surgery. I now have a wealth of experience to help men and women succeed on this incredible journey. I can never thank you and all my doctors enough for giving me back my life.I've attached some photos of what I used to look like, now it's even hard to imagine allowing myself to be so unattractive on the outside when there's so much beauty on the inside that was just waiting to come out.

Pooja Shukla, 55 Years New bhopal.

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